Vivian Fisher

Notes from Vivian Fisher’s Presentation

Speaker Vivian Fisher gave a wonderful power point presentation!

  • Gave history of Enoch Pratt library and ASALH branch support and collaboration.
  • Carla Hayden, former ALA President is the Executive Director of Library
  • Has a strong “Black Power Movement” collection because of Baltimore’s long record of activism.
  • Enoch an African American Department and close ties and collaboration with Museum of Natural History.
  • Noted citizens in Baltimore area:
    • Dr. Sam Banks, Educator
    • Dr. Roland McConnell
    • Dr. Ben Quarles cohort
  • Services provided to the community and ASALH Branches are:
    • Visits, tours, exhibits. Document Delivery, research support, programming, visit and tour, national history day support, coordinators.
    • Examples Senior centers, Walters, regional Lewis, national blacks in wax museum, secondary schools throughout the state of Md. MSU, UBalt, Law, Coppin. Wax Figures of the Museum are frequently highlighted in the library.


  • Primary sources: Funeral programs collection. 1st editions Phllis Wheatley and church bulletin. 67 digital collections black panther newspapers.  Vertical file clippings.