7th Annual Critical Diversity Studies Forum (University of San Francisco, 9/29)

7th Annual Critical Diversity Studies Forum

Friday, September 29th in McLaren Complex

Our Legacies: Building Collective Leadership and Liberation Across Generations

The seventh annual CDS Forum will convene a diverse and intergenerational dialogue to reflect upon the legacies and leadership of everyday individuals and communities. We will also ask ourselves to look forward and consider what legacies we wish to create so that future generations can thrive.

This event will draw upon the histories of those who have worked collectively to challenge inequality around issues of race, immigration, gender, sexual orientation, and disability. As a community, we will ask: In these current political times, what actions must we take towards equality and justice? How can we take action in our own communities, and across different communities? How can our present-day actions honor the lives, lessons, and legacies of those who came before us? What are the roles of art, music, dance, and creativity in this work? And how can our actions, even when challenging, be rooted in hope, love, and joy?

Like previous CDS Forums, we will be programming in two 65-minute blocks, as well as continuing last year’s successful pre-forum workshop. All programming coincides with popular class times. Feel free to bring your classes to all, some, or part of the forum activities.

The tentative schedule of the forum day is:

10:30-11:35 am

Courageous Conversations: CDS Pre-Forum Workshop (open to all students) facilitated by the Cultural Centers. In this workshop, participants will discuss how to engage in challenging conversations, especially with those with whom we may disagree.  What lessons can we learn from difficult conversations and what skills do we need practice so that we can to listen and speak with courage, compassion, and empathy?


  • Kat Evasco: Award-winning writer, stand up comedian, performance artist, and educator

  • Carlos Menchaca:  NYC Council representative and USF alumnus


  • Leroy Moore: Poet, founder of Krip-Hop Nation, co-founder of Sins Invalid, and member of the National Black Disability Coalition

  • Betty Reid Soskin: The nation’s oldest National Park Ranger and long-time activist

Updated information will be found here.

Many thanks,

2017 Critical Diversity Studies Forum Co-Chairs

Noriko Milman nmilman@usfca.edu

EJ Jung ejung2@usfca.edu

Melissa Ann Canlas mlcanlas@usfca.edu


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