Book Chapter Published

Congratulations to Johnnie Love for her chapter entitled “Stepping Back in Order to Move Forward” in Celebrating the James Partridge Award: Essays Toward the Development of a More Diverse, Inclusive, and Equitable Field of Library and Information Science. See below for chapter abstract



This chapter explores the role of librarianship, mentoring, leadership, community outreach, professional organizations, and change when infused with positive administrative leadership. These elements are explored because they increase the likelihood of a positive climate for assessment of diversity, inclusion, and implementation of diversity initiatives in libraries. The chapter also examines cultural issues that impact the inclusiveness in libraries as well as identifies the barriers that leave an indelible imprint that institutional racism creates when the library’s effort to deliver quality services to users is in doubt. The author takes a cathartic look at her education, career trajectory, professional development, and how she has come to value her purpose and survival of 51 years in the profession.


Using as a lens for change in the profession, the author traces her career in K-12 schools, community college, and academic libraries in times of both segregation and integration.


Through the metaphor of “stepping back in order to move forward,” the author demonstrates best practices that can be taken by libraries, library professionals, and community organizations toward progress in terms of diversity and inclusion. The author also explores pioneers of color and has used their lives as models for training future librarians. Walking in the “back door” and going through the hotel kitchen has never been a positive example of appreciation for a professional as they make monumental contributions to serve the library profession. Our pioneers endured to serve as “lights” in spite of societal obstacles.

For access please check here


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