AFAS 2016 ALA Annual Meeting

Call for Participation 

The ACRL African American Studies Section will host a forum at the 2016 ALA Annual Meeting to discuss and present research in the field as well as celebrate the many years of research that members of AFAS have contributed to scholarly work.


• Highlight and promote the research and scholarship of African American Studies.
• Actively participate in the preservation of African American history and culture.
• Collaborate with African American studies scholars in the academy and in the African American community. 

This Forum presents an opportunity to focus on contributions of talented African 
American scholars and researchers in Librarianship and in the Academy. This will be an 
opportunity to share and network on scholarship as well as discuss collections and 
management of those collections. The outcome of this session will be: to be better 
prepared when we are called on to provide assistance to students and educators. 

Please submit a brief summary of your presentation explaining or identifying one 
of the following areas of research: 

1. Publication on a topic of librarianship
2. Discussion of research in progress
3. Archival development and/or collection development, 
4. Other areas that show extended research 

Send proposals to the conference planning committee via email at  The committee will select 3-4 participants for the forum. 
With all submissions, please include a brief professional bio.


Proposals due: April 1

Notifications of acceptance: April 20

Forum: June 25, 2016


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