2015 Information Professionals: Affiliate of ASALH Meeting Agenda

Friday, September 25th, 12:00pm- 1:45pm

Sheraton Atlanta Hotel Level 1, Georgia 5 AV Room

Presiding: Johnnieque B. (Johnnie) Love, Chair

Recorder: LaTanya Jenkins

Agenda Items

  1. Welcome to members
  2. Opening Remarks, Acknowledgments and Announcements
  3. Congratulations to our Web Team and demonstration of the web site
  4. Library Track Programs for the Conference
  5. Liaison Program for Working with Branches
  6. Identifying African American Collections across the country—(Deborah Dandridge idea)
  7. Revival of Library of Congress Funnel Project —Carmelita Pickett
  8. Proquest African American Newspaper Project—Carmelita Pickett
  9. Work and Publications with ASALH FIRE!!!
  10. Planning for ASALH 2016
  11. Research Sharing and Agendas
  12. Closing Remarks—Special Guests

Agenda for the Group Meeting of ASALH Info Professionals Friday 25th 12pm


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